New cards not showing up in deck

Hi! I’m having a couple of problems with some cards I just added. I recently added a number of new cards, which are all tagged with ‘lesson3’ and/or ‘quiz1’. When I go to ‘Browse’, they’re all there:

However, when I try to study these cards, they don’t show up in the deck:

(the six new cards are from when I added 6 new cards about a month ago but didn’t study them, they aren’t the cards I added today). I’ve changed the number of new cards shown per day to 200, so I don’t think this is the issue. Furthermore, when I try to make a custom study session just using the new tags (‘lesson3’ and ‘quiz1’, which I hadn’t used before today), the new tags don’t show up as options for me to select.

I’ve also tried to manually select these tags by typing them in, but it tells me this doesn’t match any cards:

I’ve quit Anki and restarted it several times to see if this would help, but it changed nothing. Does anyone have an idea of what’s going on and how to fix it? Thanks!

Your first screenshot shows those cards are in the “Default” deck. You can select them in the Browse screen and then use Cards>Change Deck to move them to the deck you expect them to be in.

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Thank you so much!!! That worked, I really appreciate the help, you’re the best