Cards won't follow "new#" column's order

So I created multiple cards for my notes and I wanted them to appear so that for every note I get to see all its new cards first and then move on to the next note’s cards.
I did so by manually repositioning every card type at once (search filtered) with a step equal to card types number (starting everytime from the next new number) because otherwise it would order all cards relative to the same note with the same order number.
But apparently it just won’t stick to my order and keep showing the new cards within the same card type first.

I designed this to study vocabularies and for that reason I would find it more easy to first learn all about a single word (pronunciation, writing, 2-way translations) and then go to the next one. So I need to finish all of a note’s cards before studying the others.
It surely is worth to let you notice that I want the same cards types order everytime. If I have a note of type A and card types Q W E, I want this order be followed:

  1. note 1, card Q
  2. note 1, card W
  3. note 1, card E
  4. note 2, card Q
  5. note 2, card W
  6. note 2, card E

Anki will introduce new cards in the order you have defined, but once they have been studied once, they are shown when they are ready to be reviewed, and will not be in the same order. Please see the following page for some tips on effective card creation:

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Please see this add-on 268644742 – “Show New siblings in order…”

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Thank you both for your answers but I already knew them myself.
In fact I got past the issue by setting deck options new cards limit to 0 and then custom studying new cards picking a number of card equal to cards types. That way I get shown every card for a single note and then custom studying again I can see another note just in the order I first planned to.