What is the order of note card types, and can it be controlled

Note that my question is about card types – not cards in general.

I read through the page on cards and ordering, but it didn’t mention what rules, if any, were applied for different card types. So if I have types card1, card2, and card3, how does Anki determine when card type 2 will be displayed?

Since card1, card2, card3 are typically in order of advanced sophistication, I would like card2 to be displayed once some level of mastery of card1 has been achieved. And card3 to be displayed only after card2 has been mastered, etc.

Is there any tool or setting to achieve this, or is this already how it works?

Thank you!

The default order introduces new cards in card template order.

Immediately, or after some interval? Ideally, I wouldn’t see card2 until card1 was in long time review.


You can briefly defer them - see the burying section of the manual.

I’m not sure if this will help your situation, but you can separate which deck card2, card3, etc is in. That way you can study card2 deck after you are confident with the card1 deck? It won’t know which of the notes you are further along in learning, but if you stagger when you start, it might help you achieve what you want?

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