Forget cards may force a review in wrong order

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How to reproduce:

We only use default deck.
Have a note N with two cards C1 and C2. Also have another note N’. Review C1. Have other notes int the same deck.
“forget” C1, whether or not you check “restore original position” (not clear to me what it means, even looking at the manual), it does not matter.

Wait a day (or just look at the value “Due”).
Review the deck again

Expected result:

See the first card of some note. Eventially, see C1 before C2.
C1 and C2 should have same due.

Actual result

You directly see C2. C1 has a “due” greater than all notes from the default deck.

In practice, it mostly means that I know start seeing cards in the wrong order, seeing card 2 before card1. Which seems opposite to what Anki systematically does, even with random card, to show cards of a same note by respecting the card order.

I post here and not github because I don’t know enough about the expected semantic to be sure it’s a bug.

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The original position can only be remembered when you review with the v3 scheduler. If you switch to it and review+forget cards, I suspect you’ll find it does what you expect.