How to search for existing decks that use cloze technique?

Hello, I am new to Anki and find the sentences with fill-in-the-blank (cloze) technique to be really helpful. I’m working on Spanish language and there are many solid decks available (vocab, verb conjugation, grammatical topics) but I’d like to know if there’s any way to refine/filter my search results to target and locate pre-made decks that use cloze structure. Any/all ideas welcome, thanks!

note:cloze searches for notes using a note type named “Cloze” (the default cloze deletion note type).

Thx much, I’ll try it once the system allows me to search within shared decks - I started the acct yesterday and through my many attempts to figure the cloze thing out apparently maxed out my daily searches limit (??), that’s what an alert tells me. I’m guessing a 24 hr period is what they’re talking about since it’s a new calendar day and Im still locked out.

To clarify, abdo’s referring to searches inside Anki. AnkiWeb does not support searching by notetype.

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