How to review a specific note type first?


I have a deck with multiple note types. Is it possible to somehow schedule a specific note type first?
I suppose a filtered deck could help but I couldn’t figure out the right query for it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there :slight_smile:

You can indeed do this with filtered decks. Create a new filtered deck, and include the following in the search bar:

is:due note:name_of_notetype

Replace “name_of_notetype” with the exact name of the note-type that you want to study. Then repeat this process for all other note-types that you want to separate.

You could also put the cards of one note-type into a separate regular deck, but i think the solution using a filtered deck is probably better.

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Thank you so much for relpying.

Is there a way to add multiple card types to a filtered deck and review a specific note type first? Something like order type?

A filtered deck can match multiple notetypes (eg “note:one or note:two”), but it cannot order based on the notetype. If you want to prioritize material, you can put it in a different deck, and then use the v3 scheduler’s option to order by decks.

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