Repositioning notes

I have a large enough deck (6k cards or thereabouts) and I’ve added some notes recently which I would like to bump to the top of the queue. Is there a way of doing this for notes that generate multiple cards? For example, I have some cloze deletion notes that creates three different cards, but when I look to reposition them I seem to be only able to reposition one card at a time. And if that’s the only way it can be done then it seems a little awkward considering I’d like to bury related cards until the next day.

You can select multiple cards in the browser and reposition them all at once. Check out this link.
Make sure that you have “Show new cards before reviews” enabled in Preferences → Scheduling

Some other options:

  1. A filtered deck with only the cards that you want to review.
  2. Making a new deck, and moving the cards to this deck

Thanks - think that’s worked now. 1st card showed up and I guess the 2nd card has now been buried until tomorrow (I had selected both for repositioning and both had #1 next to them).