Custom scheduling or python add-on needed for reviewing certain cards last?

A have a general note template for most/all my cards. One of the fields is called “long/written”, where I just fill with a y if the card(s) will take awhile to review. Cards with that field show me a text saying something like “long/written” when reviewing, so I bury them until I finish the quick ones. (And I later unbury these longer cards).

However, I don’t like constantly manually burying these cards; I would like a better way to schedule those “long/written” cards after the quicker ones are done. This can apply to any of my decks, so I am open to using the custom schedule (JS) if needed.

So, is it possible with custom scheduling, or do I need to create a python add-on, or something else?

Thank you.

JavaScript cannot affect scheduling, only rendering. Besides that, you should instead use a filtered deck. Assuming you are reviewing cards from deck Deck, and that you also set the long/written field to n if it’s not y, the query deck:Deck and long/written:n will created a filtered deck with the quicker cards, and deck:Deck and long/written:y a filtered deck with the longer ones.


Thanks! It’s always good to stick with vanilla options when possible because it’s easier and more platform compatible.

I guess I was subconsciously ignoring this option because I was used to the V1 scheduling, and haven’t made too many filtered decks since then. But I think the filtered decks are quite robust now and this solution should be fine!