How to prevent "undo card" from automatically reshuffling next card?

Neejad here. I will try to describe my issue as best as I can. Say card 1 shows up, and you hit “good”. Then the subsequent card 2 shows up. When I then hit “undo” to go back to card 1, I will go back to card 1, however the next “card 2” will not be the original card 2. Rather, it is a completely reshuffled review card.

This did not used to happen in past versions of Anki for Desktop. Interestingly, the “old way” of freezing card 2 as the subsequent card to card 1 after hitting undo still works for AnkiMobile. I hope that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


If you enable the v3 scheduler, it should work correctly. Since your computer version is not up-to-date, I’d recommend you update it before switching the scheduler.

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