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2.1.48 - Undo not working as in 2.1.40

Previously in 2.1.40 - after answering a card then pressing undo, it would return to the card you just answered.

In 2.1.48 - this sometimes happens and sometimes does not.

Is this with the v3 scheduler? Can you reproduce it with add-ons disabled? Are there specific steps that tend to trigger it?

Apologies dae, I might have given some incorrect information.

Went to try reproduce it and what actually happens is:

  1. If I answer a card #1
  2. then on the next card edit this card #2
    Then press undo twice, I can’t get back to card #1 (as undo button now becomes grayed out)

I guess that’s not as big an issue as what I thought the issue was in my initial post.

(Yes V3 scheduler)

Thank you for the prompt reply anyhow and sorry for wasting your time.

It seems to work for me - did you try without add-ons?