How to move info from the fields of one note type to the empty fields of another note type?

I have 2 decks and their 2 corresponding note types. The 1st is a deck of kanji cards that have recognition and production card types on the Note type I want both note types to be (but I want them to merge).

The 2nd note type comes from a 2nd larger deck with more total notes for writing a larger number of kanji than the 1st deck. It has its own card type for writing but it has all of the same fields of the 1st note type currently and in the exact same order, just name of the Note type is named differently. Each note type’s fields are empty where the other note type has info and vice versa. The only exception to this is the “Kanji” field. I have this field still filled on both note types so that these fields can be matched during the process (I think. Maybe this is where I’m messing up? ), and drag with it the info that fills the empty fields of on note type with the info from the other.

I have also managed to tag the cards that have the same kanji and placed them into a separate deck. Honestly though, if I lose the writing cards for the kanji that I don’t have in the regular kanji deck, I’m not too bothered.

I’m trying to take the info (stroke diagrams and a gif of writing the kanji) from the fields of the 2nd note type (the writing deck) and place them into the corresponding (but empty) fields of the 1st note type (the regular kanji deck) when I change the writing note type (the 2nd note type) into the 1st note type.

When I try to do this, I only end up with the writing notes changing note type and card type changing to the card type I select from the 1st note type, but staying the same individual notes. Nothing happens to the 1st set of notes from the 1st note type during this process.

A long time ago I think I managed to stumble through the process by myself and make this happen with a separate set of note types, but I might be mistaken because I can’t seem to do it again no matter what I try. Can someone explain what I am doing wrong?