How to manually download an add-on in 2023?

It’s been a while since I’ve downloaded an add-on. Things seem to have change and I seem to be missing something.

I’m trying to download the JLAB add-on (number 2110939339 )
When I paste the code, I get the TLS CA bug documented on this forum post. So I look for a manual download button like there used to be, but can’t seem to see it.

Am I missing something? Anki offers to choose a file, so I’m assuming that manual download is still available, is that not the case?

If you’re on Windows, a TLS problem implies temporary network issues, or a proxy/vpn/etc interfering with the connection, and you may have more success when using a different network connection. The manual installation is and always has been for authors who provide their work outside of AnkiWeb.

Thank you, Damien.

For anyone on the same track,

  • according to this post, this is a known issue in 2.1.54, with a fix already committed,
  • a suggested solution is Tools / Check Database + restart, which worked for me (yay!),
  • a user on OSX reports success by downgrading to 2.1.49

The issue fixed in recent releases only affected macOS and some Linux machines. As you’re on Windows, I suspect the issue was just temporarily network trouble, and it was more that fact that time elapsed than the check database/restart that helped.

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