Downloading an add-on

I am on macOS 10.14.6, Anki 2.1.26 (70784154) is installed.

When I put the code in for any add-on I get the message as per the screenshot.

This shared item is no longer available. I guess the add-on author has deleted the add-on in question.


No, I don’t think so because I’m getting with every add-on I try.

I don’t know if you got my reply to yours since the moderators were going to review my post. I do want to get my issue sorted it so I’ll repeat my reply to you, and I apologise in advance if you get it for the 2nd time.

I don’t it is related to non-availability of the add-on because all the add-ons I tried gave the same message.

I posted 2 replies, did you get one of them or both?

Now I did. I see I copied the error code instead of the add-on code. That is the error I am getting for an invalid code:


The example add-on Add Hyperlink - AnkiWeb does download for me and it is compatible for 2.1.26 you are using. So indeed the issue is not related to the code but to internet connection.

Can you use the sync functionality?

The message indicates something is blocking Anki from connecting from the internet. If you’re on a school or corporate network, they may be blocking your connections - if so, please contact the network administrator for assistance. If you’re on a home network, please check any other software you have running like ‘little snitch’, and try syncing on a different network (like a friend’s wifi, or your phone’s hotspot)


Yes, a certain app was blocking it, so I changed something there, and now Anki could download and install the add-on.
Many thanks for your help.