Anki add ons not working

My AMBOSS Add one has not been working saying it could not connect to Amboss even though my network connection is fine.

I also have been unable to download the heatmap add on. It shows me this error

1771074083: Please check your internet connection. Could not find a suitable TLS CA certificate bundle, invalid path: /var/folders/kd/s_7cljzn0_n2v5c9xjzf0zqc0000gq/T/tmp6eo4nju1cacert.pem

Seems like some kind of issue with downloading add-ons from AnkiWeb. I get the same error when I try with another add-on, e.g. 2494384865 for "[Button Colours (Good, Again)]

I think there’s some kind of issue with Anki and/or the network that prevents Anki from connecting to the internet.

The downloading issue is tracked on HTTPS requests failing due to missing certs? · Issue #1965 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Hi! I’m getting the same issue too and there seems to be no solution yet. I am using a MacM2 Air for reference :slight_smile: