How to make it always default to cloze deletion type of card when creating new cards

Ever since I upgraded from 2.1.39 to 2.1.49, I have to manually select cloze deletion instead of it normally being the “default” card type when I wanted to add new cards.

I found out that Anki automatically changes the card type based on the type of the last card created, but this never happened before the upgrade. For example, even if I created multiple image occlusion cards at once, the new card “template” would still be set as cloze (which is what I prefer).

After the upgrade, this isn’t the case and I have to manually select cloze every time I make a diff type of card. It is a minor issue, but really annoying.


The Release Notes for versions 2.1.40 to 2.1.49 mention some changes to “cloze”. But I don’t see any change relating to card types.

In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing the word “default” when referring to card types.

The Release Notes are here:

Changes in 2.1.40 to 49 - Changes (

You can see the meticulous level of detail in these notes. I’m sure they would document a major change such as you are reporting.


Anki is just being more consistent about remembering the last notetype when notes are added now. What you’re requesting is that the add-on add notes then change the notetype back to what it was previously. That will require extra work by the add-on author, so you’ll need to make your case to them.

This was probably changed in this commit: Simplify note adding and the deck/notetype choosers · ankitects/anki@ce243c2 · GitHub