How to make a card show every 3 days after a 15m, 1hr, 1d, 3d learning step

Hi there, I have a certain deck with the learning steps: 15m, 1hr, 1d and 3d. After a card goes through these learning steps, I would want to card to show every 3 days. And if I forget the answer to the card, I would want it to go through the exact same learning steps. How do I go about doing this?

Can someone just give me a straightforward answer please, stating what figures I need to put in the settings of that deck?


Set your relearning steps the same as learning steps.

For the card to show up every 3 days once it is out of the learning phase, you can set ‘Maximum interval’ to 3:

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Are these settings ok? @abdo @jcznk

Also, what about the Advanced settings?

Yes they should be ok.

What do you mean?
If you’re asking if yours are ok, they seem fine.
If you’re asking why in the image I posted they are all blank except for ‘Maximum interval’, it’s just because I thought they were not relevant so I omitted them.

I was asking if they are ok. Thanks for your help mate, really appreciate it.