How to make a card show every 14 days after certain steps

Hi there, I have a deck where I am learning Arabic vocabulary. The Learning Steps I have are as follows: 1m 5m 15m 8h 1d 3d 7d. I understand some may say this is too many steps, but through testing, I stuck with these steps.

Once a card goes through the above Learning Steps, I want the card to show every 14 days. And if I forget the card, I would want it to go through the same Learning Steps from the start, so I would want to start the card again from 1m. How do I do this? I’ll attach a screenshot of my settings for you to see.

@abdo @jcznk Hi lads, just thought I tag you as you answered my prior question relating to the same topic. Thanks

You can’t make Anki show you a card every 14 days (without dirty hacks such as setting learning steps to 14 days and keep pressing again, for instance), because it goes against Anki’s core idea: spaced repetition. The goal of Anki is to progressively space out review so that you can keep adding material without adding daily review time (or, conversely, lessen the daily review time without sacrificing memorization of part of the content). To do so, it must space out repetitions. The whole “trick” is to do so in a way that still makes you memorize things. Of course, if you forgot about something, Anki will adapt to that. But, if you are doing good, Anki will have to increase the lapses, to keep up with the “spaced repetition” principle.


Hey, thanks for the reply, I totally understand the principle behind it. However, after testing, I shouldn’t be spacing the repetitions too much at a point where I will see a card like a month after. This deck here shows my card every 3 days max, which is great as I want it like that. These are the settings that I got off someone else, hence I am trying to apply the same settings to my Arabic vocabulary deck, but using the above mentioned Learning Steps.

It seems as though I just need to have the same Relearning Steps as my Learning Steps, but I just need to know what number I need to put in the Graduating Interval & Easy Interval, as well as the Minimum Interval (in the Lapses section) & Leech Threshold, and also the Minimum Interval (in the Advances section)

Try setting minimum interval = 14 and maximum interval = 14. I have some cards that I want to see every day (they’re cards that basically tell me to take a stretch break), so it works for minimum and maximum interval = 1, but I don’t know how the scheduler would interact with longer intervals.

Also, like you just figured out, set your relearning steps to be the same as your learning steps.

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Hey, thanks for that, will do that. But what about the Graduating Level & Easy Interval, as well as the Leech Threshold?

I guess for the Leech Threshold, I can put it as anything I want as it doesn’t affect how my cards are shown, it just flags it, saying that you may wish to make a note of this card as you’re getting it wrong many times in a row, or make some sort of mnemonic. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The leech threshold is the number of times you can get a card you are supposed to know wrong before it being considered as a leech. What is means to be considered as a leech can be configured: it may only receive a leech tag, or it can be suspended. The idea is that:

  1. It is worth putting a little more effort in this card as it’s one you struggle a lot with, which is why it is suspended (waiting for you to edit it); or
  2. this card is not worth learning, because it takes a lot of your time. Instead, you’d be better off learning other cards in that time, which is why it is suspended (waiting for you to judge if you want to remove it, or redesign it); or
  3. it’s hard for you learning this card because it’s interfering with an other card you’re also currently learning. A simple solution to this problem is learning one card, then the other one, but not both at the same time, which is why it is suspended (waiting for you to learn the other card, and unsuspend it when you feel it’s the good time).

This seems unrelated to your query, so I think you should try the other settings instead.

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