How to fixiate Future Due Y axis on Ankidroid

AnkiDroid has this useful feature that allow me to look into future decks: however it seems like the Y axis will automatically set to 100% to the highest cards due. This severely stresses me out, as I plan to go through new cards at the rate of 100+/-5 per day but when I see a full deck for the next 10 days at 60 cards, I lose motivation.

Are there any ways to permanently fix the Y axis at 100 cards, so if I only have 80 cards due it will show up at 80%, rather than modified 100%? Thank you.

What I want is permanent 100. But it always drops down if my cards due are under 80.

Unfortunately, there are no ways to do that as far as I know.

On a different note, you might want to try load balancing. I suggest using the FSRS Helper Add-on. It makes your daily load much more uniform so you won’t have 100 cards today but 70 cards a few days after.

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