How to copy the "learning status" of a card to another card?

I want to replace in a deck an existing note with a new note teaching the same knowledge but presenting it in a radically new form (other fields, prompts, questions, answers, etc).

However, I do not want the cards in the new note to be considered by Anki as something to be learned from scratch. Instead, I want them to show up exactly when the cards of the old note would be supposed to show up.

I realize that instead adding a new note and deleting an old one, I could simple change the note type. However, I keep all the data that I learn in a FileMaker database and use scripts to generate new notes. Therefore, changing a note type note is tedious whereas simultaneously deleting a note and adding a new one would be much quicker.

I hope that I have been clear and I thank you in advance for any help. W.

There’s no feature to do so automatically, but you can manually use the ‘set due date’ feature to assign cards a specific due date in the future.