How to convert .anki decks

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I’m a long time user of Anki. I started my (.anki) decks in January 2012. I kept upgrading until version 1.2.8 then I stopped because I really liked the ease and simplicity of the interface.

I’ve been studying 4 decks for 9 years. One has 4000 cards, two have 1000 cards, and one has 150 cards.

Everything about my setup continues to work perfectly on my old Mac.

But now I want to upgrade my Mac to an M1 air and to nobody’s surprise, version 1.2.8 does not work. And the current version of Anki refuses the old .anki files.

What would be the recommended solution? Is there version of Anki that works on the most recent MacOS and an read .anki files? Or is there a way to convert my old .anki decks into a format that will work with the most recent versions?

Thank you!


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Edited based on @dae ’s answer: Install Anki version 2.0.52 on your old Mac and load your decks. This should upgrade your collection (anki files) to their anki2 version.

Then open the upgraded anki files on your new M1 air.

Make sure you save some backups first though, just in case.


You can use Anki 2.0.52 to upgrade .anki files to .anki2. You’ll need to run it on your old Mac, as I don’t think it will work on the M1.

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Thank you Dae and Kittenwhisky!