MacBook M1 chip


I just got a MacBook with the M1 chip and downloaded anki. But a lot of the the different type og questions and function anki has I cant access. Is that because of the M1 chip? I´ve watched anki tutorials but what the are showing and have access to I don´t have

Would be so greatful for help. Starting a heavy class next week and would be amazing to be able to use anki then :slight_smile:

What version of Anki are you running? M1 should emulate almost most software, with known and unknown bugs. Does it work with a really simple test deck with a few questions? What is the work flow you are trying to do and what is the expected result and what is actually happening?

I can make decks but the sub decks I can´t find out how to do. My biggest issue is that when I’m adding cards I only have 5 different cards to choose from. On videos I´ve seen there is one type called 10 questions where you can add pictures and fade the text. I don’t have that one here as you can see in the picture (it’s in swedish sorry). Is it because I need to update something? I downloaded the 2.1.39 version

Hi dafku!
You can create subdecks by dragging a newly created deck onto another one (like you would in any file explorer to create subfolders). Alternatively, you can do it by naming a deck like this:

The second issue you mentioned is that you are lacking the note types you saw on the internet. This is because you only have basic note types when you install Anki and the types you saw were created by users.

To get new note types, you can either download and install a deck from Ankiweb which uses a certain note type you would like to have OR you can create your own:

In this case, I recommend watching some tutorials (e.g. this one by AnKing) and reading the official manual on creating card templates.

So your M1 seems to be fine ;)
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Thank you so much, I´ll have a look at the video and see if I can find out how it works today. The subdecks was easy to fix :slight_smile: