How to change the default location of added media files?

I have 1 profile and 5 decks inside it:


When I add a picture/audio/video to any of the cards in any deck, all media files end up inside one folder:

As a result, I have a plenty of media files, mixed up into a pile:

Is there a way to change the default save location for each deck?

Or in another way …

Is it possible to create separate folders for each deck (inside the folder) and make them the default save location?

I don’t think there is a simple way to do that (not sure if even possible with an add-on too)

Also, subfolders inside the media folder are explicitly not supported:
From the manual:

If you want to include audio and pictures from a text file import, copy the files into the folder. Do not put subdirectories in the media folder, or some features will not work.