How do I change the save folder location for Anki?

I just bought an micro SD card where I installed Anki. However, it keeps saving the Anki2 folder on the C disk of my pc. I am running out of space in the C disk, hence I would like to transfer the 6 GB of information I have on my Anki decks in the micro SD card. Is this even possible?

The Anki manual has a section on this but the instructions are not clear. It says to past some programming codes but I don’t even understand where.

Are you referring to the text below? If there is something unclear to you in it, you should let us know whtat it is exactly.

If you always want to use a custom folder location, you can modify your shortcut to Anki. On Windows, right-click on the shortcut, choose Properties, select the Shortcut tab, and add “-b \path\to\data\folder” after the path to the program, which should leave you with something like

"C:\Program Files\Anki\anki.exe" -b "C:\AnkiDataFolder"

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Hi Rumo. Yes, I honestly do not understand what it says. Do I need to know programming to apply these changes? Where do I input this path in anki?


No you don’t need to know programming. It would really help if you were more specific in what words or steps you don’t understand, but I assume it’s ‘shortcut’. This refers to the link to the application on your Windows desktop. It looks like this:


Yes, I did not understand which shortcut it was referring to. So, once I open the Properties option and the Shortcut tab, what should I add there? The path to where I want Anki to store my decks? Its path already points towards anki.exe, which is saved on the SD card. However, Anki keeps saving all the cards, media, and deck (which take up 6GB) in my local disk C in a folder called appdata

Add “-b \path\to\data\folder” after the path to the program.

Please forgive my ignorance, but should I just copy this code and paste it next to the path that is already there? By the way, thank you so much for taking your time to help me

Yes, please note the example above.

The first is already there and points to your local anki.exe. The second path you have to modify so that it points to a location of your choice.

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Got it, and that second location is where I want Anki to save my decks?

OMG it worked!! Thank you so much! God bless you Rumo!

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