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Storing Anki media in multiple folders : is it possible?

So far, all of my media belong to deck 1. Every media file is named according to a specific convention that I never varied from.
Today, I would like to start adding media to deck 2. The subject, nature and naming convention of this new media will be very different from that of deck 1.

Is it possible to have the media of deck 2 saved in another folder or subfolder, so that it is completely separate from the media of deck 1 ?

The reason for this request is that I use scripts to automatically update Anki when I make a change in databases holding the original note data and media. To separate the media according to decks/databases would keep my workflow clearer, simpler and easier to debug in case of discrepancies.

Thanks you in advance for replying. W.

PS: I work on macOS, where all the media files of my collection are the following folder:
~/Library/Application support/Anki2/User 1/

Subfolders are not supported, but you could give your files a prefix if you wish to distinguish separate categories.


@dae, are there any plans to implement this feature in the future?

It would add a lot of complexity, so it’s unlikely at this point.

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Thanks for the info!