How could I isolate only the media files used by one of my deck?


I am a big user and deck developer on Anki, but today, there is something I don’t know how to resolve.

I would like to copy-paste in a local directory of my PC (in other word, isolate them) all the media files (mp4, jpg, jpeg, PNG, svg and mp3) used in only one of my deck.

Because in my folder, there are at least 120k files, used by any of my decks, with no distinction of sub folders.

A good point is that the media files’ names used by the specific deck I’m speaking about are written into a specific field of the deck (called ‘video’ for videos, ‘audio’ for audio files, and ‘image’ for pictures).

But I don’t know how I could proceed to do it…

So thanks a lot for your help,


If I needed to do this only once, I’d backup the collection, delete all other decks, Tools → Check media → Delete, copy files, restore the collection from backup. But I’m sure someone else will come up with a smarter way


Maybe a safer alternative that doesn’t involve deletion and backups is to export the target deck then import it in a new profile and simply copy the media folder of the new profile.