How to change drivers on 2.1.60

I was having two issues with anki desktop on Windows 10: pressing spacebar would not reveal the answer, but the again-hard-good-easy options would show, and sometimes pressing spacebar once would act like I pressed it twice, revealing the next card’s answer immediately. Disabling add-ons, restarting, and reinstalling all failed to fix the problem, so the recommendation is to change the driver. Well, Anki 2.1.60 no longer has driver options accessible under preferences, so I followed the directions under the Anki manual “2.1.4 Display Issues” for Qt6, but the recommended command (echo software > %APPDATA%\Anki2\gldriver6) did not fix the issue.

I downgraded to 2.1.48 and switched the video driver to ANGLE, and it fixed both problems. But I would like to use 2.1.60, not an older version. Does anyone know how to switch to the ANGLE driver on 2.1.60?

Did you try installing the qt5 version?

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This works! Thanks so much!

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