How to change answer keys to arrows

hey folks…
is there a way to set the answer keys to the keyboard arrows?
I’m using Version ⁨23.12

With this add-on it is possible

Arrow keys are available by using “Qt.Key_*” with the respective key name (e.g. “reviewer set flag 1”: “Qt.Key_Right”).

Thank you.
I tried this:

“reviewer choice 1”: “Qt.Key_Left”,
“reviewer choice 2”: “Qt.Key_Down”,
“reviewer choice 3”: “Qt.Key_Right”,
“reviewer choice 4”: “Qt.Key_Up”,

but it didn’t work.

Recent versions of Anki do not require an add-on to configure it. Go to ToolsPreferencesReviewAnswer keys and enter left, right, up, and down (case insensitive) for each rating.


Thanks. works perfectly!

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