Making arrows in ⁨2.1.53 qt5 on Mac

Is there a way to make arrows in the new Anki version 2.1.53 qt5? In previous versions, i was able to make them easily by inputting → or =>. Then they would convert to the proper arrows. However, ever since changing to the new version, they remain unchanged. I would prefer for them to automatically change, as I tend to edit cards often with this feature. Below is a photo demonstrating the two differences. Highlighted in green is what it used to be. In the field above, this is the current status of editing with arrows.

Not quite what you asked for, but maybe it will interested you too: there is a feature, called the compose key, which allows you to input very straightforwardly this kind of “composed” input (that is, if I type ->, it produces “→” — but it could any combination for any output) independently on where you are typing it, and fully customizable to your needs.
It sounds magical (much more practical than relying that the software you’re typing in has this combination feature, for the combination you’re typing; much faster than googling up “long right arrow unicode” and copy-pasting it) but it’s actually quite easy: the main idea is that you bind a certain key of your keyboard (whichever you currently never use :stuck_out_tongue: ) to be your compose key. From now on, pressing that key will start a composition input, that is, pressing it followed by -> would indeed produce “→”, if you configured it to (I bound it to AltRg).
Here is a tutorial on how to setup it on mac. I can’t tell you if it’s up to date, since I don’t use a Mac myself, but it definitively is short, so it shouldn’t take you too much time to become productive with it (considering that common combinations are already configured by default — for instance, the arrow one is).


It seems like you’ve been using the add-on “Symbols as You Type”. Its maintainer has been inactive for the last 15 months, so it wasn’t updated for Anki’s new editor.

GitHub user @RisingOrange has opened a pull request on the repo some time ago which fixes the issues. It hasn’t been merged in so far, but I have uploaded the files here.

Open the add-on folder (Tools → Add-ons → Symbols as You Type → View Files) and replace everything inside that folder with the files in the .zip you just downloaded.


Thank you!! This worked to fix the issue!

@cnguy109 I good solution I use is a free open-source program called espanso. It’s relatively easy to setup. Instead of using traditional hotkeys, you can just type in certain keystrokes then it will translate into what you want:

example: I type ;rarr and it translates to , or :copyright and get ©

If you decide to use this, here is some example code to get you started. Written in the base.yml file:

  # Phrases
  - trigger: ":espanso"
    replace: "Hi there!"
  # Symbols
  - trigger: ";rarr"
    replace: "→"
  - trigger: ";larr"
    replace: "←"
  - trigger: ";uarr"
    replace: "↑"
  - trigger: ";uuarr"
    replace: "⇈"
  - trigger: ";darr"
    replace: "↓"
  - trigger: ";ddarr"
    replace: "⇊"
  - trigger: ";Rarr"
    replace: "⟶"
  - trigger: ";LRarr"
    replace: "⟷"
  - trigger: ":copyright"
    replace: "©"
  - triggers: [";rrarr", ";; =>"]
    replace: "⇒"
  - triggers: [";Rrarr", ";; ==>"]
    replace: "⟹"
  - trigger: ";; define"
    replace: "≡"
  - trigger: ";; definition"
    replace: "≔"