2.1.49 Hotkey / Browser Mode

I recently updated to Anki 2.1.49.

I often use the hotkey alt + 2 + 1 + 4 + 9 to make an arrow (β†’) for my notes. However, I noticed Alt+1 or Alt+2 is now a hotkey for the sidebar to switch from Search and Select. Unfortunately, I cannot disable these hotkeys.

Does anyone know how to change these hotkeys? Is it possible to remove this hotkey (or at least allow me to edit it) in future versions?


The easiest workaround would be to add a text replacement in macOS: Replace text and punctuation in documents on Mac – Apple Support (AU)

An other possibility would be to add a compose key (here is how to do on mac). Basically, a compose key is a key dedicated to rarely typed characters which are not present on your keyboard, and which never interferes with any shortcut of any application, because it is a β€œnew button”.