Need help to disable some keyboard shortcuts {the add-on doesn't have any options for this one}

I need to disable the shortcuts for menus of the main toolbar. Specifically, I need to disable alt+f for file menu and alt+e for edit menu.

I am using a special method to insert any Unicode character in my notes. It is basically a more general version of alt codes.

In short, the process involves typing the Unicode number in hexadecimal while pressing the alt key. But whenever I press alt+f as in the case of ϵ [U+3f5] or alt+e as in ⛤ [U+26e4], the file menu or the edit menu gets selected instead. It happens only when I type in the answers of “basic:type in the answer” cards, not when I am making a new card or editing an old one. I tried the “Customize Keyboard Shortcuts” add-on, but it does not have any option for these shortcuts.

These shortcuts are mentioned as “Menu Shortcuts” in the anki manual.

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