Can "answer keys" accept multiple keys?

Can “answer keys” in Preferences (
Version ⁨23.10.1) accept multiple keys? For example, for Again I would like to enter:

This way I could use keyboard laying my hand in different ways.

If you use Windows, AutoHotkey would be a nice tools to achieve this. Write the following code in mappings.ahk and run it. Then it’ll work. (h stands for “Again” in my settings)

#HotIf WinActive("ahk_exe anki.exe")

Thank you. That is clever workaround. Unfortunately, I use Linux and only autokey is available. I hope someone can tell me how to achieve the same effect.
For the time being I use " right hand reviews / hjkl answer shortcuts / Handy Answer Keys (configurable)", which allows to set "reviewer_1": "1",. But from the description it doesn’t allow multiple keys for the same answer value.

I also use:
AJT Flexible Grading - AnkiWeb for a third key as Again.

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