Answer keys buttons computing incorrect responses

I have my answer key preferences set to the norm: Again 1, Hard 2, Good 3, Easy 4

but when I actually click those keyboard numbers while reviewing they execute the incorrect response like so: pressing 1 gives me Hard instead of Again, 2 gives me Easy instead of Hard, 3 gives me Good, and 4 gives me Again instead of Easy.

I’ve tried disconnecting my external keyboard and turned off my bluetooth but the issues still persist.
Note: I’m using a MacOS and anki version 24.04

I’m going to start with the obvious question – when you have this exact external-bluetooth-keyboard setup, do other apps (something simple like a text file or a browser) read the key-presses correctly as 1, 2, 3, and 4?

Are you using the number-row keys or 9-key keypad keys?

when I actually click those keyboard numbers while reviewing they execute the incorrect response

What was your indicator that they give the incorrect response? Next action by Anki? Card Info viewed immediately after?

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yes, all other apps, including anki browser, read the numeral keys correctly. I’ve tested this with the external keyboard and the laptop keyboard with bluetooth off. The issue’s only limited to the answer hot key shortcuts on the study screen when I’m reviewing the cards.

number-row keys on my laptop and external keyboard.

I noticed that the learning card count wasn’t changing and my 10 minute Again cards, weren’t popping up after a while. I turned on a side-by-side view of card information and saw that my cards were being marked as Hard instead of Again. I double checked my anki preferences, my computer keyboard preferences, restarted my computer, and tested it over and over again with bluetooth on/off.

I’ve attached screen shots that show the card before and after I hit key the “1” key on my keyboard, its recording 1 as hard instead of again

Disable all of your add-ons. Directions in the Troubleshooting checklist. Troubleshooting - Anki Manual

If it still happens after that, respond with Anki’s native Card Info (immediately after you grade a card you can find that in More > Previous Card Info), and your deck options (or at least your learning steps).

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