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How to add missing anki images?

When I downloaded my anki deck my hard drive was full and not all of the images downloaded. Now im halfway through the deck and images have started showing up as a broken image icon. Re-downloaded the anki deck doesn’t add the images because the cards are already downloaded. Is there any way to add the images without deleting and re-downloading the entire deck because I don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made on the deck.

I don’t know if there’s an easier way, but here’s a workaround that might work: Create a new profile and there import the redownloaded deck. Then copy (replace) the media files from that profile to yours.
To enter the profiles’ media folders on Windows, type “%appdata%” into the explorer’s search bar and navigate to “Anki\profilename\”.

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Thanks man, you’re a legend. I’m on a mac and just copied the media file from the new user over to my old profile. Worked perfectly

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