How Tag Tree Works? Version 2.1.42

Hello all,
I recently tried out Version 2.1.42 which per the change log should have all my tags show up in a tree. I tried searching for this topic and the docs, so apologies if this is a repeat.
Am I correct in understanding that this only works if I use a specific separator, i.e. ‘::’?

If so, I think I am unfortunately one of the few peoples who has been using the ‘Hierarchical Tags 2’ add on with a custom separator of ‘-’. Is there a roadmap for allowing users to add custom tag separators?


Why don’t you change your tags to use the correct separator? This can be automated in case if you have a lot of tags.

I use the same syntax to name tags in other applications, e.g. macOS tags as a way to index and cross link information. So the solution to move everything over unfortunately won’t work (irrespective of whether I choose to automate it or not).

I’d prefer understanding whether the current implementation of Tag Tree either already supports this option (and I just missed it in the docs) or whether it is possible to consider such a choice in the future.

Something like that would then break other tag users that use legitimate - separators. Maybe as a preference but as proper hierarchical tagging is very new in Anki, most users use the official :: syntax.

I’m afraid custom separators are unlikely to come any time soon