How do I update anki on my mac?

I posted previously about this, but when I try to switch the settings of insertion order to random, it says “With the V3 scheduler, it is better to leave this set to sequential, and adjust the new card gather order instead”. I did this and set the new card gather order to random cards but my review cards are not in random order. I was informed that I do not have the latest version of Anki. What is the latest version and how do I update to it? Will all of my data be synced?

That’s really more of a suggestion. It can work fine either way.

The New card gather order doesn’t affect your Review cards.

That’s unusual phrasing. Did you get an error? What were you doing when you did it and what was the exact text of the error? Is this related at all to the gather order questions?

You can get the latest version for any OS on the main site – .

Upgrading from 23.12 – your data will be just fine. All of your data is stored in a separate directory from the program files, so upgrading doesn’t affect it. All of the data you have synced to AnkiWeb and other devices will of course also be safe.

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is the newer version a lot better or is it not necessary to update?

If you’re not having any issues – no, I don’t think you need to be in a rush to update. I myself was still using 23.12.1 until about 2 weeks ago. There are of course bug fixes and improvements, but I’m a big fan of waiting to update until you feel compelled to/have time to devote to it.