How do I type in Asci codes such as Alt +0257 to get an ā?

I need to include characters which I type via the keyboard with eg ALT+0275 to get an a with a bar above it i.e. a long vowel sound, ā. How can I achieve this in Anki? I use both desktop and the android app.
(I can’t even execute that here I could only paste the resultant ā - which is not an acceptable when typing with loads of these characters.)
Thank you

Please see Adding/Editing - Anki Manual

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I’m using the English International keyboard but still cannot get ALT+0275 to work within Anki

As that page alludes to, alt input will not work.

If you regularly have to type such characters, you could use a text replacement utility like TextExpander, PhraseExpress, aText and your own shortcut to extend.

If you are using MacOS or Linux, you should be aware that there is a builtin way of doing this (at least, it’s builtin for Linux; idk about macos), called the compose key. It’s more convenient than having to type Alt-0257, since it’s less keystrokes, and you don’t have to remember an arbitrary number but a mnemonic sequence. Also, it works everywhere (ie for every application). On Windows, it isn’t (yet?) builtin, but there are plenty, plenty of “clones”. Just google “compose key windows” and pick your favorite.

Tx I’ll check these out