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How do I reset my review interval to what it was a few weeks ago?


I am using this great app for studying. Long story short, I want to start my learning journey again with the approx 250 cards in this deck I have created. At this point in my deck right now if I click again the card will be shown in 10 mins
if I click hard the card will be shown in 2 days
if I click good the card will be shown in 5 days
and if I click easy the card will be shown in 13 days

I want to scrap this trajectory and take the settings back to how it was when I first started ie again 1 min, hard 10 mins, good 1 day and easy 4 days

I basically want to go back to as if I created the deck for the first time. I think it is something to do with the graduating interval, easy interval, interval modifier and starting ease but don´t know exactly what. Any light shed on this would be greatly appreciated

Thank you very much,


Please see Resetting progress in a deck - Frequently Asked Questions

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