How do I change the profile name in the ios app

Hello, I’ve been using the Anki app recently, and while I’m enjoying it very much, I ran into a small issue; I can’t change my profile name. I tried taping on the name, holding down, creating new account and then trying to change it, but with no luck. How exactly do I change the profile name? Thank you in advance for the responses.

not an AnkiMobile user, but this might help you:

If you wish to rename the profile in AnkiMobile, you’ll need to add another profile first, as it is not possible to rename the currently active profile.

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Please see


Thank you for the response.

Ah, solved it. Swiping didn’t cross my mind at all for some reason. And I didn’t find that page. Sorry for asking something so simple, and thank you for your help.

No problem!

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