Bug about user name

When using both the latest version of the App store and the latest beta, I’ve encountered this problem, i.e., the username is occasionally lost in the home screen of Ankimobile, causing the value of the Profile in the URL Scheme to be invalidated, and I need to create a new user and switch once and then switch back in order to restore it.

Sorry, I’m having trouble following. What exactly do you mean “lost”? If you go into the profiles screen and locate the profile you currently have open, has the name changed? Are you able to rename it there?

It become “牌组” of the Chinese translation ‘Deck’ , rather my customed User Name “学习骇客”.

Do you only have one profile? The profile name will only be shown if you have 2 or more profiles.

I have two profiles.

When I switch between the two profiles, the displayed profile name on the home screen recovered.

Hmm, that’s odd. Please keep an eye out for what you’re doing when the title changes - maybe there’s a pattern?

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