URGENT: Potential data loss, can only sync 1 of 20 profiles

Okay, this is not what you think. I’ve recently encountered an unknown error with the Anki mobile app (tablet) and would not go away, so I decided to delete the app, not realising it would erase my data on the app.
I know the basic solution to this is to sign into your account and synchronise decks - but one HUGE problem…
Since I’ve created about 20 different profiles (to organise my decks further) every time I try to restore ALL of my profiles, it will only synchronise 1 BLOODY profile. I’m desperate and in need of these decks which are lost because I can’t restore all my profiles! Please please please help as this is for my school work. Otherwise I would have to restart my entire progress of making profiles, multiple decks in each profile, and tens of flashcards in each deck.
I beg for a solution. I love this app so I really hope it isn’t ruined for me or even other mobile users.

Sorry that you had to find out why 3-2-1 backups are a good idea the hard way. :disappointed_relieved:

Just wanted to point out that your topic title isn’t very descriptive. Something like “Potential data loss, can only sync 1 of 20 profiles” or similar makes it easier for people to know at a glance if they can help.

Personally too new with Anki to really know how profiles work, but I do hope you can get your data back!

Just wanted to point out that your topic title isn’t very descriptive.

Changed the title.

Sorry to hear about your loss. If you still have the data on one of your other devices, you should be able to get it back on your phone, but you’ll need to merge your profiles first. Please see Synchronizing multiple profiles - Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

If you don’t have the data on any other devices, I’m afraid the data probably can’t be recovered unless you happened to be backing it up. Restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a backup – Apple Support (UK).

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