How can I support the creator of Anki?

I have been using anki recently, and am wondering how I can support the creator? because there are no ads I would like to be able to support in any way that keeps and supports anki and the creator


donations links seen.

For Anki, see this: How can I donate? - Frequently Asked Questions
For AnkiDroid: AnkiDroid - Open Collective


It is great that you want to give something back. Another option that I haven’t seen mentioned here is to support Damien indirectly by donating to people who in turn help him with their contributions to Anki. You can find them mentioned regularly on the releases page. Some examples could be Abdo, Manik and Hikaru. You might have more luck with them as it should be easier for them to take donations. :+1:


Very kind, go you :slight_smile:

Dae’s also posted about answering support questions on the site if that’s your speed: Support help wanted · Issue #975 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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