Consider adding sponsor button on github so that we can chip in?

I’ve been using anki for a little while and I find it a great piece of software. However, only way to support the development is by buying apple app, and I’m android user.

Since I’ve been using joplin app for a while and its dev had such sponsor option on github, I’ve checked today about what are the requirements. It seems that main dev just has to be in the right region?

I can’t put link but maybe this will work:
github /sponsors#regions

If I’m not mistaken, @dae is the big boss and it says Australia on his profile here, and Australia is on github list.

Maybe worth thinking about it?
Some help with all that coffee needed to produce that code might not be a bad idea :slight_smile:

Patreon is usual route I’ve seen for various devs and contributors, but github sponsors might be easier doable way since anki already is on the github?

Yes, I’ve indeed registered just for this, since as unregistered user I can get the benefit of helpful answers already, but can’t write :slight_smile:
Great piece of software you did here, thank you for giving it to us!


You can sponsor Ankidroid though.