Free AnkiHub Accounts for Anki/AnkiDroid Contributors

We are now starting a round of beta testing for!

If you have contributed to Anki, AnkiDroid, or if you’ve contributed substantially to the forums, we’d love to offer you a free AnkiHub account (no strings attached) and also invite you to test the pre-release of AnkiHub. If you’re interested, please fill out the form here and we will email you with instructions for accessing your account.

* I wasn’t sure about the best place to post this. I opted for here rather than in the #add-ons category since this post is meant for Anki community contributors. Feel free to move to wherever and apologies if this isn’t a great spot for it!


Is it me or your form contains a weird question which is mandatory, has no text, and has a single radio-button answer labeled “Option 1”?

Oops! Must not have saved the last edit. Thanks for the heads up! It’s fixed now.