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How can I delete a whole field for the new imported deck with 1000 flashcards?

Hi everyone,

I imported a new deck from quizlet, which includes about 1000 flashcards. It has german and english sounds. I want to delete all the fields for english sounds, but for 1000 flashcards it is very time consuming. Can I delete that field for all the new cards faster or in bulk?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Edit card > Fields > Delete field

After that, you can use the Check Media feature to delete unusued media.


Thanks so much :slight_smile: I tried it now. My new deck has 1000 cards. When i try to delete that field it asks that for 4172 fields. I think it includes all the decks from quizlet. Is there any way that i can choose it for only the deck i want?

Tools > Manage Note Type > Add > Clone: Your_Note_Type

Browser > Select all cards from your deck > Notes > Change Note Type > Change all cards to Your_Note_Type_Clone

Edit card > Fields > Delete field

PS: Don’t forget making a manual backup of your collection, just in case :slight_smile:


Thanks so much :slight_smile: You literally saved me :slight_smile: I have spent 1 hour to find out my deck´s note type:)) But in the end i managed it. I am syncing regularly, with manuel backup do you mean the sync issue or should i do something else?

That should be enough, but i personally like making frequently manual backups, either by exporting my entire collection of (even better) by copying the anki folder to a safe place.


Oh I see, i will try exporting as well. Because i do not want to lose all my collections, I have been using and adding cards for 1 year :sweat_smile: Thank you for your all help :slight_smile:

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