Import cards: an option to remove items that are not found in the import file

Hey there! First: thanks for the great product, use it regularly, absolutely happy user! )

Wondering though: there is an option while importing cards from file “Update existing notes when first field matches”. It updates the card with the new notes from the file. Ok. But what about an option to remove existing notes if no matches found in the file?

My case is that I regularly update a single deck with new items / new notes, but sometimes want to remove sth from the deck.

Just to think: whether it is a good idea or not? Is there a workaround exists for this maybe?

Thanks again!

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it some thought.

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Thanks for the links, but a quick research shows that CrowdAnki doesn’t support note deletion either:

So, I guess, the brain-brew thing doesn’t support it, since it is based on the CrowdAnki plugin?

Thank you!

It would be really helpful to have this functionality implemented!

You could ask them if they can do: Issues · ohare93/brain-brew · GitHub

Hi, creator of Brain Brew here. You are correct, deleting notes is not currently supported by either Brain Brew or CrowdAnki. Brain Brew relies on CrowdAnki for all interaction with Anki itself, so it will have to be implemented there first. Though it is on the development path, and I hope to make this easier for users.

Out of curiosity what is the situation you would want? Delete all notes which are:

  1. In the anki deck imported into, but not in the import file itself.
  2. Anywhere in your anki collection, but not in the import file :scream:

I am in the final stages of a PR for CrowdAnki which may give you a usable workaround though: The new Import Window shown here will give users the option to tag all imported cards with whatever you wish. In this way you could add a tag “ImportedJune2020” or some such, then filter for all cards in your specific deck without that tag and delete those, then delete the tag. A small hassle, but at least it would work!

As Addons_zz suggested feel free to open an Issue in the Brain Brew Github with a suggestion like this anytime :+1: you can see the progress and make requests over on my fledgling Patreon :grin:

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Hello, jmohare!

Thanks for replying! It is the first scenario you’ve mentioned: “In the anki deck imported into, but not in the import file itself.”

What I’m looking for is to make updates to the deck I’m importing into, i.e. change/delete/insert items. So the deleting functionality is missing.

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Hello, I am looking for the exact same thing to use with ankiCrowd, is there any update since ?