Home UI is fixed in position


first of, merry christmas!

second, please dont be disheartened. these are just views and thoughts. I have suggested some alternatives below.

Keep up the great work!


also the home UI is fixed in position. pretty easy to spot:

  • open anki
  • make sure that you have NOT maximised the window
  • drag one of the sides (right or left, it doesn’t matter), and shrink the window
  • you will see that the UI is fixed in position (unlike the older UI which dealt with this quite nicely :slight_smile:)

Just a few thoughts about the new UI


  • while it looks pretty neat, it felt a lot clunkier and slower to load than the previous one. not sure if this is just me…
  • everything is so big. I currently have the user interface size at 100% (the lowest), but it is still gigantic compared to the older UI. I keep having to zoom out (from View > Zoom out). Will this remain like this in the future updates? Is it possible to make the 100% UI size a little smaller than the current one?
  • stats page looks… AMAZING! (I like the fact that the various graphs are now enclosed in a rounded box. neat!)
  • I LOVE the new editor. 10/10
  • the banner at the top takes a little too much space, but that is ok. you get used to it
  • Im obsessed with this new “flat” design
  • new deck options are beautiful
  • Oh yeah, and for some reason the new browser feels MORE responsive. not sure what you did, but thank you! It’s faster than before!!

text file import window

  • I really like the visualisation of the fields. great for someone who is just getting started. might be a little of an extra thing to someone who has been using import for a long time
  • unlike the older version, the field separator selection fails (more often than not) to detect the correct separator.
  • in the older UI: if the field separator failed to guess, you could simple press TAB to jump to the field separator box, and then type it your choice. The new UI lacks this feature (you have to drag your mouse, click on the drop down menu, and then select the appropriate option)
  • in the older UI: after manually setting your field separator, you can then press another TAB to jump to the “Import” button. Then, you can just press ENTER to complete the process. The new UI lacks this feature (well, there is Ctrl+Enter)
Old UI New UI

1. Click on import button on main page

2. Select the file

3. Anki fails to detect field separator

4. press TAB to jump field separator box and type it your choice 4. Move mouse to the selector. Press the selector, and find your option

(if your option is not there, you are kind of stuck. previous UI gave you more freedom)
5. press TAB again to jump to the Import button, and then press Enter to complete the process 5. Move mouse to the import button at the top (or press Ctrl+Enter)

Thanks for the feedback avmo. Regarding the bug, I can’t seem to reproduce this. Would you be able to attach a short video or screenshot demonstrating what you’re seeing, and information about the platform you’re on, after confirming it’s not related to add-ons?

Could you be more specific? What platform are you on, and which parts of the app are troublesome?

@kleinerpirat I suspect avmo is on Windows, and this is fall-out from moving the platform-specific font sizes to a shared value, where the font went from 12px to 15px on Windows. Maybe we need to reconsider this, and/or provide a way to override the defaults? The scale factor in the prefs won’t go below 100% as it causes Qt to bug out, but perhaps it might be worth experimenting with adjusting the font size instead of QT_SCALE_FACTOR, or at least doing so when less than 100%.

What separator does the file use, and what is being detected instead?

I hope you can see the gridlines!

Im on windows Windows (i know, boo! :-1:)

Loading the editor is a notable example. Perhaps this is more of a caveat of having a more feature rich editor?

Yeah I was thinking that if, right now, 100% means something like 10 by 15 px, could that be reduced to something like 7 by 13 px (or whatever. I think you got the idea already!)

Ok. I have just figured out the steps to reproduce the issue:

  • create a text file or whatever.
  • write the following, and save the file: Here is a question with a semicolon separator; tadaaa. As can be seen, the ; is the separator. if you try to import than, then Anki will recognise this correctly…
  • now. go back to the text file. add the following line (do not delete the previous line!): But, if we add something else, like a pipe "|" symbol, then it gets; confused. Save the file
  • try to import this file… you will see that anki will think that the separator is the pipe (not the semicolon!)
  • oddly enough, if you retry this (but instead of a pipe, use something like a colon). Then, you wont face the issue mentioned above.
    • this issue only occurs if you use a pipe or a tab within your questions
    • Solution? Add this at the start of the file in order to help anki: #separator:;
    • only, ,, ;, Tab, Space, |, : are supported. wasn’t the older anki able to recognise anything of our choice, or am I mis-remembering? Things like . or ~
    • Manual says this, but I can’t get . or ~ to work:
      • Comma, Semicolon, Tab, Space, Pipe, Colon, or the according literal characters

Thank you for the screenshot; now I understand. The minimum width of that screen is larger now, so if you shrink the window down enough, a scrollbar will appear. I’m not sure whether that will be an easy fix or not.

There is a fair amount of complexity in the editor. Were there other screens that you encountered problems with, or was it just the editor?

Anki looks for separators in the following order, and picks the first one it sees:

TAB = 0;
PIPE = 1;
COLON = 3;
COMMA = 4;
SPACE = 5;

Pipe is checked before semicolon, because it’s pretty rare to see it used in the wild. Arbitrary separators are no longer supported: Request: Allow user-defined separators on import dialog · Issue #2283 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

That is ok. doesnt cause any issues; it’s just unpleasant to look at… that’s all

everything else is fine. in fact, everything else feels faster.

however, the editor has slowed down. and, it doesnt speed up after opening it multiple times.

i thought that would be it. that’s fine. i’ll just keep correcting it.

would perhaps making anki remember the choice be a solution? i doubt the users will continue changing their separators.

for example, if my spreadsheet always creates a ;, there is no point in making anki scan the CSV file everytime, when instead i can just tell it to remember my choice.

just a thought!

I do agree with some of the points raised by this user. that is fine. I wasn’t using the feature as much, except when i receive a file from a friend which has one of those “arbitrary” separators (such as the full stop: .)

I fear that might cause more confusion for people who only import occasionally, from a variety of sources.

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