Anki 2.1.56 Release Candidate

Hi all,

There are still some UI tweaks in discussion, but they may need to wait until 2.1.57 at this point (likely not far after .56) so that these bug fixes can get out.

If no issues are found, I’d like to release this within a week, so please give it a try and let us know if you run into any issues.


Great to have a new release candidate! Many pesky bugs have been fixed and the new nested cloze feature looks really handy.

(Windows10 qt6) The “bottom bar” buttons seem to have lost their left/right padding

E.g. in the Add window:

Unsure if related: the text in some buttons is partly cut (e.g. Check Media window)

EDIT: also, the .cloze-inactive feature (great addition) may use some refining to better handle nested clozes? This is of course not urgent


Thanks for getting a new release candidate out so quickly!

I just downloaded the new version and did most of my reviews.

The stats screen does seem to load a lot faster, but it seems to be missing data. It only shows the 1 review I did before downloading the beta version.

The cards added stat shows very low numbers, but the graph itself is correct:

For example, when I hover over the first bar, it says “1 card”, but the graph shows there are 73. If I click on it, I also see the 73 cards created that day.

The other stats still look okay, I compared them with the AnkiDroid stats to check.

@Freya Thanks, I’ve sorted those two issues. If you encounter any more, please let me know.

@jcznk the reduction in button size was actually trying to solve the truncated text issue, so that’s curious - will investigate. Edit: it seems the truncation happens even without any of our custom theme stuff, so it’s a toolkit issue. I experimented with changing the layout of that screen, but showing the buttons vertically isn’t great, as that cuts into the space available for the text.

@TRIAEIOU did you have any thoughts on how that css styling will work with nested clozes?

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@TRIAEIOU did you have any thoughts on how that css styling will work with nested clozes?

Not anything specific other than as normal CSS and that the “default” CSS will keep the cards looking as they always have (i.e. inactive clozes are not highlighted in any particular way)? To style .inactive-cloze do something like:

.card {
	font-family: arial;
	font-size: 20px;
	text-align: center;
	color: black;
	background-color: white;
.cloze {
	font-weight: bold;
	font-style: normal; /* added */
	color: blue;
.cloze-inactive { /* added */
	font-weight: normal; /* added */
	font-style: italic; /* added */
	color: black; /* added */
} /* added */
.nightMode .cloze {
	color: lightblue;

with a card An {{c1::outer cloze with an {{c2::inner cloze}} inside}} it. results in:

@jcznk is there anything particular you are thinking of?

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@kleinerpirat you mentioned earlier that you were going to look at an interface for adding editor badges, do you have an idea if/when that will happen? The restructuring of the editor UI in this RC breaks some of the Markdown input integration and if the “badge API” is around the corner I will probably wait for that rather than add yet another hacky solution.


It won’t happen in 2.1.56, but a few weeks ago I created a somewhat working prototype for the API. There’s a realistic chance it will make it into 2.1.57 - I should have more time again from next week onward.

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Ok, thanks! As a side note, I am of course not trying to pressure/demanding anything, just curious of the time line. I am well aware, and very appreciative, of the fact that most of us are doing this in our spare time for free!

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I didn’t have anything too specific in mind, I just noticed that the active cloze, if nested inside another cloze, would have both the .cloze and .cloze-inactive classes, and that seemed to complicate things a bit on the user side.

E.g. I was thinking of some simple note of the like:

Question 1: {{c4::{{c1::Answer1}}}}
Question 2: {{c4::{{c2::Answer2}}}}
Question 3: {{c4::{{c3::Answer3}}}}


.cloze-inactive {opacity: 0;}
.cloze-inactive:hover {opacity: 1;}

But this of course would result in the active cloze to be hidden as well.

Actually, this particular use case, and probably many others, can be addressed by employing the newly added data-ordinal attribute, which I did not realize was a thing until recently. Nice!

Yeah, there are some things, like opacity and display, that can’t be overridden in a descendant and I know of no CSS way of mimicking :has() so for those cases I think a little JS will be easiest, something like:

for (const el of document.querySelectorAll('.cloze-inactive')) {
    if (!el.querySelector('.cloze')) el.classList.add('hidden') // or whatever

Couldn’t your opacity case be worked around with something like this though?

.cloze {
	font-weight: bold;
	font-style: normal;
	color: blue;
.cloze-inactive {color: var(--canvas-elevated);}
.cloze-inactive:hover {color: var(--fg);}

My personal use case is to allow easy clozing of lecture notes like this (so it will need something like the above JS, or rather, my Flexible cloze will do something like the above):

Anemia - types: {{c1::

  • Microcytic - MCV < 100 {{c2::

    • ↓→Rc: Fe deficit
    • ↑Rc: Thalassemia


  • Normocytic - MCV 100 - 120 {{c3::

    • ↓→Rc:
      • Functional Fe deficit
      • Primary BM disease
      • Secondary anemia
    • ↑Rc:
      • Hemolysis
      • MDS w/ hemolysis


  • Macrocytic MCV > 120 {{c4::

    • ↓→Rc:
      • B12 and/or Folate deficit
      • MDS
      • Hereditary
    • ↑Rc:
      • MDS w/ hemolysis
      • Hemolysis




As in the last betas of 2.1.55, it takes up to two seconds for the note details to appear when switching to the browser view (macOS, Intel version, Qt5).

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Some other minor issues (haven’t checked if they are new):

  • The labelling of the “Import” button is very squeezed in the German-language localisation (import dialogue).
  • The options in the drop-down menus in the import dialogue are not accessible via the keyboard (by pressing the first letter of the respective menu item).

Thank you very much! Both solutions work great

Windows 10 qt6, no add-ons

  1. This problem arised somewhere along the 2.1.55 beta phase, steps to reproduce:
  • open a card with an input element (e.g. {{type:Text}}) and put the cursor inside it
  • zoom enough for the scrollbar to appear
  • unfocus the input field (e.g. click outside of it, or flip the card)
    → Anki will auto scroll to the bottom of the card
  1. -introduced:x seems bugged. It does not detect manually rescheduled cards, yet to be reviewed for the first time, which were new before using Set Due Date.
    If I search resched:10, I get 484 results.
    resched:10 introduced:10 gives 168 results.
    resched:10 -introduced:10: only 10 (the ones that were not new at the time of the reschedule)

2.1.56 was released as stable today. Changes since rc1:

  • Add more left/right margin to buttons on Windows.
  • Fix cloze buttons being disabled in MathJax editor.
  • Fix some missing info in stats screen.
  • Don’t display a ‘timestamps in the future’ message after a bulk import.

If you experience any issues with the stable release, please report them on a new thread.

@Rumo could we be missing outer parens on this query?


Not only that, as it turns out!

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Thanks for the new release!

Most issues with the stats seem to be fixed now for me. One issue I’m still having is the numbers displayed below the “Added” graph being too low. But the numbers when hovering over the bars are correct now!

Sorry, this is a very minor error pertaining to the 2.1.55 build, but that thread is closed and I can’t seem to find if anyone has reported this somewhere else (in that case, please disregard), and for good reasons I cannot test if it persists in 2.1.56.

Now that 2.1.56 has gone out, I got to experience the new feature where Anki notifies me when a new release is put out. But the notification box (at least on my computer, Ubuntu 22.04) is too small to hold the text on one of the buttons:

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@Freya dang. Thanks, fixed.

@pinnerup that’s one of the issues .56 should (mostly) address.

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working well on Mac Qt6 , thank you for fixing the Highlight feature so quickly!