Highlighting a part of a question after showing the answer

I wanna make flash cards at grammars and other explanations in Korean, but since I don’t know any coding in HTML or CSS, I want some help creating a template.

I want to highlight the sentence of the question after showing the answer. Here’s a plan that I created. I still want the basic template as it is simplistic for me

I don’t wanna be the bad guy here. But you should at least learn somehow a little bit of HTML, JS and CSS for this. Because it isn’t even that hard to accomplish for you.
I am willing to help, but you should at least have some code to begin with.

All you would have to do is to create a function which, upon revealing the answer, sets the style of the question div to a certain name and then it instantly turns into the color you want it to be highlighted or you could even set the styling immediately. Though you still would have to make the right CSS-Styling for this class (which isn’t a biggie either).

This here is a good start to begin learning:

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Oh no, no. You’re not the bad guy here, no one is (from my perspective).

The only reason why I have no background of this is due to time constraints (family and myself studying other things like languages for my future use and fun!). And also, even researching some of this is a bit of a pain sometimes.

Thank you, I will consider these when I have free time.

Oh yes, before I learn. Is it a good idea to learn HTML first before diving with CSS and JavaScript? I have familiarized myself with HTML

Oof! I’m all for fostering self-sufficiency – but there’s a big difference between encouraging someone to pick up a little bit of HTML and CSS around the edges and telling them they need to learn JavaScript. Markup languages and programming languages are rarely equivalent.

@Deranged6605 it sounds like you’re interested in it and proceeding – good for you! I think a much faster path is to copy the template of the cards that you’ve seen do this (I’m assuming you got this idea from somewhere?). If you don’t understand it, you still won’t be able to maintain it or update it in the future – but at least you won’t spend a bunch of your Korean-study time learning a programming language instead. :sweat_smile:

Another viable option is to just leave all the tricks out of your cards – so that you can focus on studying.


Yeah, you’re right. Sometimes one can forget, how hard the beginning in coding really is.
And I should know this, because I didn’t even start that long ago and was feeling the struggle all the time.

But @Danika_Dakika is right. If you had found this type of function in another template. I would advise just copying it, if it isn’t copyrighted or anything in that matter.

Happy coding though!

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I didn’t get this from an another deck, it just popped in at my mind because I really wanna memorize concepts by highlighting, to boost my understanding to Korean and connect it in the future.

Maybe it’s a good idea as a supplement, to have an understanding of coding when it comes to creating decks because I have a lot of ideas on some decks, if I plan to release them in the future.

Thank you guys, I’ll consider more into this when right times comes.