Redesigning my Anki Flashcard Template

Hello. I’m looking for some visual design advice. I’ve recently learned the basics of HTML and CSS and I’m trying to redesign my Anki flashcard template which I use for myself and my students. This is a flashcard template for learning languages. The current template (pictured below) is what I have been using for the past several years and it works pretty good but I didn’t know anything about HTML and CSS when I designed it. There are many aspects of the design that I like but there are also some problems. I think the black background is making Anki glitch sometimes because the text sometimes doesn’t appear unless I click and drag my mouse across the screen. Kinda weird. Some students have told me they really like the color code and I think it’s pretty cool to but I’m thinking about changing everything to a white background.

Here’s what I have going so far and I’m feeling really lost. Going from a black background to a white background changes everything! How can I get the same effect as the old flashcard template and make it still look good?

Your display issue could be related to Display Issues - Anki Manual

Thanks! I switched my video driver ot ANGLE. That solved my problem. I guess I can keep the black background. I honestly like it much better.