Hide top/bottom bar during review request

Could an option be added to not reveal on hover when “Hide top and bottom bar during review” are selected?

Right now, by design, the top/bottom bar is revealed if the mouse cursor is moved there. This can still be the default, but an option to disable it would be much appreciated for a no distractions reviewing experience. I often accidentally move the mouse cursor to the bottom/top/scrollbar area, triggering the bars showing. (Well, rarely the top, but you get the point).

Using an add-on such as “FULLEST SCREEN: hide all toolbars in reviewer” does not help in this regard. It still shows the top bar if either of those three areas are hovered. Perhaps it is because they share the same triggers, as pointed out in this thread:

Anki 2.1.57 Beta:


Any way to do so please!

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I recently fixed the add-on No Distractions Full Screen because it was broken, perhaps it will not show up when you hover.

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When It is not in Full Screen mod, Does It work?

Maybe yes, this add-on has the option to hide menus and buttons in windowed mode, not full screen.

  • Views → ND FullScreen → Windowed Mode

Unfortunately, Once I press the Enter/Space key to show the answer :

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It seems you are using Anki 2.1.65, this add-on was for the latest Anki23+.
If you update Anki to the latest version or use the V3 scheduler, this may solve the problem.
(All the latest Anki are V3)

If you do not plan to update Anki to the latest, an older version of ND FullScreen will probably work. But this only works with Qt5, you are using Qt6 Anki, so unless you install Anki2.1.65-Qt5 it will not work.